Thursday, April 14, 2011

Unseasonal, but Relevant

I happened across this picture today, and while the Big Guy is hibernating (or whatever he does in the off season) right now, it struck me as oddly relevant to my day to day discourse.

Why is it that some fairy tales disappear with age~ I don't know anyone over 12 who believes in Santa Claus~ any yet others, although equally ridiculous, continue on for life? Typically children think their way out of the Santa Claus myth, and as they learn to reason (even though the image is perpetuated annually across the nation) they eventually realize that it was all just a game and fanciful tale. Why is religion any different? Are the claims of a god on earth, miracle birth, and resurrection from the dead really more believable than going to every house on earth in one night, carrying with him billions of presents, fitting down a chimney, or any of those other aspects of our "christmas favorite?"

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