Sunday, July 10, 2011


Well today was somewhat busy, but in an army sorta way. A popular joke amongst soldiers is that we're real good at "hurry up and wait," which is an allusion to the fact that we often rush to get things done only to wait around to do the next thing- this happens either sure to poor leadership or because of the MASSIVE amount of coordination (and difficulty that comes with it) that goes into an organization like this (our situation.) So today had a good bit of "hurry up and wait."

One of the big things that did get done was the distribution of 'miles gear' which is essentially little lasers and sensors that go over our regular gear. This, combined with blank rounds, makes our operations like laser tag with a bang- every time a weapon fires (a blank round) it shoots a laser, and if that laser his someone wearing the sensors it records as a hit. Its actually a good bit of fun when its not plagued with bugs and malfunctions.

So, getting that done amongst 70 our so people can take some time, so we ended up doing some basic lessons on driving and stuff. I got my m249 (in the picture) yesterday, and decided that I should learn the ins and outs of it. I spent several hours breaking it down and building it up again- now it can be done in under a minute.

After evening chow there ws some paperwork to do, namely a crm and prt plan, then went for a mile run, and now its time for hygiene.
All in all it was a great day. Tomorrow i'm conducting platoon level prt, and then we've got some rock drills and who knows what next. I've been thinking of some more introspective things to write about, namely the unsung struggles of the soldier; everyone always talks about the ' ultimate sacrifice' as being the big thing... But really its the very real fear that you'll come home to a cheating spouse, or that youll get the 'dear john' letter and realise you have no home to go to... I've seen it happen, I've seen lives end while I've been away, people realise theyve lost their families or been left behind by the ones they love...

Sometimes death isn't your biggest worry..
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