Monday, March 7, 2011

Michele Bachman Attacks Your Constitution

If you really want to test your constitution, try watching Rep Michele Bachman on Meet the Press~ I defy any rational human being to watch this video and not throw up.  Its farcical that so many people supposedly identify with this woman~ even on simple questions, she can't diverge from this two note thought process on healthcare and "Obama is evil" to actually explain her position.  This serves as confirmation of the inanity of her movement, the lack of insight these people have, and the shallowness of their political ideology.  She can't answer simple questions?!  Give me a break.
The simple fact that people somehow voted this shill for ignorance into a public office is enough to make a person sick (even as dog catcher,) let alone the fact that she has the ability to effect peoples lives across the nation.  Watch this video (if you can) and realize how little she knows, and how Americans failed themselves by voting someone into office based on rhetoric instead of substance.  Shame on you, minnesota, just shame...

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